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La bici perfecta para cross-country eMTB. La batería integrada permite una geometría muy ágil con vainas cortas. Ligera, ágil, con horquilla de 100mm.

The cross country eMTB R.C+ is a lightweight, agile bike with 100 mm travel at the front and great efficiency which offers plenty of great riding experiences. Depending on the model the R.C+ is equipped with either a removable 648 Wh or a fixed 518 Wh integrated power unit (IPU). In order to provide stiffness while keeping the weight down the battery is structurally integrated into part of the bottom tube. The 100 % decoupled, performance optimised Brose Drive S does not generate any additional resistance at all after cutting out above the legal speed limit of 25 km/hr and allows easy pedalling. In addition, the four levels of support can be individually adjusted, from very efficient to an extremely powerful. The compact design of the drive and the IPU allows a bottle holder to be attached without a problem. eMTB specific components, such as the DT Swiss Hybrid wheel set and 34” FOX forks, complete the cross country hardtail eMTB. The R.C+ HT guarantees satisfaction for varied terrain, long mountain stages and weekend excursions.



  • Lightweight, agile cross country hardtail E-MTB
  • Integrated power unit (IPU) - 518 Wh
  • Performance optimised, 100 % decoupled Brose Drive S
  • MHS I AR headset with anti-rotate function
  • Cable channel with integrated cable guiding
  • Possible to attach a bottle holder and a double derailleur
  • Boost 148 technology
  • Components optimised for E-MTB





SEAT TUBE (mm) 440 470 500 530
TOP TUBE (mm) 576 591 616 641
HEAD TUBE (mm) 130 130 130 134
CHAIN STAY (mm) 460
HEAD ANGLE ( ° ) 69
SEAT TUBE ANGLE ( ° ) 73,5
WHEELBASE (mm) 1138 1153 1178 1203
STANDOVER (mm) 714 718 741 764
REACH (mm) 403 418 443 467
STACK (mm) 628 628 628 633


ROTWILD Integrated Power Unit (IPU)

The ROTWILD IPU consists of a Brose drive motor and the battery unit developed by us. The aim in development was to integrate the two elements completely within the bike frame in order to retain the dynamic riding characteristics (geometry and kinematics) of classical mountain bikes. The system of the IPU has been registered as a patent with the European Patent Office under Reg. No. DE 10 2014 218 036.8.

BROSE motor unit forms a particularly suitable basis

The pedelec electric motor developed by the German automotive supplier BROSE forms the basis for our IPU. In electrical engineering terms, it involves a “brushless internal rotor”, which is characterized by an extremely compact design combined with high efficiency. The power from the electric motor is transmitted in two stages in a ratio of 1:27. In the first stage, a planetary gear with a transmission ratio of 1:9 is connected before the motor while transmission in the second stage takes place in a ratio of 1:3 via a belt drive. This transmission ratio is necessary so that the electric motor (driven by the rider’s relatively low pedalling frequency) always rotates within its optimum speed window in order to guarantee a high efficiency. This means that the electric motor always rotates within its optimum window of revs, guaranteeing high efficiency. Another unique design feature of the Brose motor is the use of two freewheel mechanism in the interior. This is very important in the case of pedelecs with a legally prescribed cut-off speed at 25 km/h. With the aid of the second freewheel mechanism, the electric motor disengages entirely once the 25 km/h limit has been exceeded so that the rider can continue to accelerate the bike with muscle power and without any loss in forward drive.

Brose has continued to optimise the motor in the new Brose Drive S (available from MY 2018). The increased efficiency and the new thermal design increase the power output. The torque curve has been specially adapted for use in sport and the responsiveness has been improved for technical terrain so that uniform support is always provided and everywhere becomes accessible by bike.

Battery designed in collaboration with a German battery producer

 We designed the battery unit in collaboration with a German battery producer. Essentially, the battery consists of four basic elements: the 40 Li-ion cells, the battery management system (BMS) with cable harness and motor connector, the integrated charging socket and the housing that encloses and protects the entire battery unit.  

Two different batteries are offered as of the 2018 model year:
The IPU.500.ALUMINIUM has a total capacity of 518 Wh. It is completely integrated into the aluminium bottom tube and is permanently installed in the frame. The battery consists of 40 lithium-ion cells (model INR18650 MH1), divided into 4 packs of 10 cells. Each cell provides 3,600 mAh. The IPU.500.ALUMINIUM will be used in all CORE models as standard. The IPU.R.660.CARBON has a total capacity of 648 Wh. The battery is integrated into a carbon bottom tube, is removable and can be charged both on and off the bike.

The IPU.R.660.CARBON has 50 premium lithium-ion cells (model 18650), where each cell provides a voltage of 3.6 volts (ranging from 4.2 to 3.6 volts) with a capacity of 3,600 mAh. What makes these lithium-ion cells special is their inner chemical make-up which was specifically designed for use in electric bikes and the automotive industry. The IPU.R.660.CARBON will be used in all Ultra and Pro models as standard. The IPU.R.660.CARBON is backwards compatible and can be integrated into all ROTWILD/Brose hybrid models. 

IPU integration into various bicycle designs

Our IPU is designed in such a way that we can use it in all bike categories or ranges without any great restrictions in geometry, kínematics or compatibility, i.e. from ROTWILD MTB Cross Country via All Mountain to Enduro; yet at the same also in the multifunctional Tour or Trekking Bike sector. To this end, the motor housing becomes a permanent part of the frame, firmly bolted to the bottom tube battery and unit and the frame – the bottom tube battery unit becomes a supporting element within the frame structure. The compact design additionally enables us to achieve short chainstay lengths or appropriately position the pivot points which are important for the development of full-suspension frames.


Control Unit with Integrates Display

Simple control of support levels and other functions


Internal Cable Routing

 Via special cable duct and close to the pivots






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